More electric bikes coming soon?

Hot off the government press is this news that more electric bicycles will be coming into Australia. I just wrote about the Junji electric bike yesterday, so this is potentially good news to make it easier to get bikes like the Junji into the country and encourage longer commuter cycling.

Here’s the government blurb:

Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, Catherine
King, announced changes to the national vehicle safety standards that
allow for greater consumer choice—while at the same time maintaining

Ms King said that changes to the standard mean the allowable power
output has now increased from 200 to 250 watts giving a higher level or
performance, while maintaining safety by restricting powered speed to 25
km/h. Riders are required to pedal to access the power or to reach
greater speeds than 25 km/h.

The change also means new construction standards for batteries,
cables and connections as well as other requirements such as braking
performance and the strength of frames.

“In addition, existing designs of machines will continue to be allowed.”

The changes are an important first step towards an overall review by
Austroads of alternative vehicles, which would also include mobility
scooters, and a key action identified in Australia’s National Road
Safety Strategy 2011–20.

However, she said that changes to state and territory road rules may
be necessary to allow use of the new electric bicycles and advised
people to contact their state road authorities to confirm local

Cycling Resource Centre – New Rules Give Cyclists a Boost Australia.

via Cycling Resource Centre – New Rules Give Cyclists a Boost Australia.


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