Get on ya bike and Ride2Work

Do you ride to work? It’s one of the most useful aspects of being a bike rider. Commuting by bike saves money, is healthy and helps reduce congestion.

In Australia we have a Ride2Work Day, an annual event in October that encourages people to try bike commuting and focuses on the benefits of commuting by bike. It’s supported by the Bicycle Network.

I’m our workplace coordinator so it’s my job to encourage my colleagues to be part of it. It’s a good option for those who live close to our offices as we’re located right next to a cycle way that links to the east and the west, and we do have a number of bike riders who regularly commute.

I’ll write more in future posts about how our workplace has supported us as bike commuters with facilities and even bikes.

Here’s a little about the Ride2Work initiative:

The focus is on peoples main, regular transport requirement – commuting to work. 5-10km commutes via bicycle is a viable option for many people – and this number is increased if you include partial commutes (ride->public transport, drive->ride etc). However, shorter commutes, and longer ones are also encouraged, as is any cycling for transport in general.

To find out more about our Australian Ride2Work program, follow this link: Ride2Work Program – Bicycle Network.


5 thoughts on “Get on ya bike and Ride2Work

  1. Great article (And great blog!) Thanks for taking the time, and also for being a Workplace Coordinator.

    As you say, Ride2Work Day is a great opportunity to give riding to work a try, or for those who regularly commute to celebrate what many find is a highlight of their day. The Ride2Work Program aims to provide year-round support to individuals and workplaces who want to commute via bicycle any time of year.

    We look forward to hearing more about what you’re up to. It’s great to share ideas and experiences so others can see what different things can be done.

  2. October? Up here (in the northern hemisphere, that is), we have Bike to Work month/week/day, depending on your enthusiasm, in May/June. I don’t live to close to my workplace, but I still participate since I have a folding bike. I drive until about 5 miles from the office, and then I ride from there. I like to think that I am showing my coworkers, if I can commute by bike, anyone can!

    • A folding bike is a great idea for when you need to commute by bus/train or another type of transport and want to add in a bit of cycling too. Great idea to be part of the bike to work day too.

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