My cycling journey

My name is Ros and I’m a journalist living in Sydney, Australia. I write about consumer issues, technology, sustainability and general interest features. I’m also a mum to two boys (4 and 2) and step-mum to two teenage boys, so I’m pretty busy, but I reckon I can skip a load of washing or tidying up the toys to make a blog post instead. My eldest step-son is on his gap year and I’m loving reading about his travels and soo jealous.

I love travelling but haven’t done so much of it in recent years as babies and small children don’t fit so easily in a backpack. I’ve hung up my passport for another few more years and I’m learning French and watching lots of movies and documentaries for a bit of armchair travelling.

I also love bike riding. It’s only in recent years that I’ve discovered just how much I like to ride my bike. Like most of us, I had a few bikes while I was growing up but I didn’t live in a suburb that was particularly bike friendly – think busy roads, hills and no bike paths in the park. Some years ago I bought a house near a cycle way and everything changed. I discovered how enjoyable (and safe) it could be to ride a bike in a big city. Then I got a job near while I lived that was accessible on the bike path near my house and everything changed. I’d gone from being able to ride on weekends to being able to safely commute to work as well. I was hooked.

That was over five years ago and I still love bike riding. I ‘ve since had two babies and my husband and I have added a trailer to our cycling repertoire and we’re out cycling most weekends. I don’t tow the trailer, I leave that to my husband but I have panniers so I carry our food, water and other supplies on our longer rides. I decided to start this blog to talk about all things two-wheeled. My other blog is called PaleInk and it’s a personal site on anything and everything that interests, upsets or amuses me. Check it out at




2 thoughts on “My cycling journey

  1. I have just found your blog and enjoyed a quick tour. I commute/ride in a regional centre of NSW so found your articles very interesting. I also have 2 blog sites, one to do with cycling. I will be back to catch up on previous posts!

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