Map it, ride it with Ride The City

Cycle map from Ride the City.

Sydney now has a free bike routing application called Ride the City. Find a safe way to get from one point to another by bicycle. Ride the City is based on Open Street Map, the volunteer effort to map the world and to create a publicly owned map.

Ride the City is available in 40 cities and here are a few of the application’s highlights:

  • Click and drag start/stop icons to the map for easy routing (or enter a start/end address)
  • Choose bike routes that maximize bikeways, includes some bikeways, or choose the most direct route
  • Get turn by turn directions that show you which streets have bike lanes or bike paths
  • Login (for free) and you can save and share routes
  • Find nearby bike shops and rentals easily
  • Send your bike route turn by turn directions to your cell phone by SMS
  • Submit feedback to help improve routing, or just edit Open Street Map yourself
  • Download the Ride the City iPhone app or Android app for easy, on-the-go routing.

To learn more about Ride the City features, check out their image-filled frequently asked questions: FAQs.

Aside from the Ride the City bike routing application, Ride the City has a simple to use, no frills bicycle job board called Biking Jobs for anyone who wants to post or find a bike-related position.


Get on ya bike and Ride2Work

Ride2Work Day celebrates cycle commuting

Do you ride to work? It’s one of the most useful aspects of being a bike rider. Commuting by bike saves money, is healthy and helps reduce congestion.

In Australia we have a Ride2Work Day, an annual event in October that encourages people to try bike commuting and focuses on the benefits of commuting by bike. It’s supported by the Bicycle Network.

I’m our workplace coordinator so it’s my job to encourage my colleagues to be part of it. It’s a good option for those who live close to our offices as we’re located right next to a cycle way that links to the east and the west, and we do have a number of bike riders who regularly commute.

I’ll write more in future posts about how our workplace has supported us as bike commuters with facilities and even bikes.

Here’s a little about the Ride2Work initiative:

The focus is on peoples main, regular transport requirement – commuting to work. 5-10km commutes via bicycle is a viable option for many people – and this number is increased if you include partial commutes (ride->public transport, drive->ride etc). However, shorter commutes, and longer ones are also encouraged, as is any cycling for transport in general.

To find out more about our Australian Ride2Work program, follow this link: Ride2Work Program – Bicycle Network.