Why have a cycling blog?

My cycling blog is called spokesandthecity.wordpress.com. When writing on Spokes and the City I think about my posts in relation to cycling, bike riding, cycling gear, cycling infrastructure lobbying for cycling facilities and lots more, hopefully.

I’m hoping to gather some other cycling enthusiasts as followers to the blog and give them some personal, anecdotal story on blogging, something informative and something interesting on the many, many topics related to cycling and cyclists.

I started blogging at the beginning of 2012. I made a little start last year but didn’t get back to it until this year. I’d been thinking about it for a while and thinking about what I wanted to blog and why I wanted to blog. I didn’t really have answers for all these questions when I started but I decided it was better to just start and work it out as I go.

I see my blogs as a work in progress as I learn the best way to write to catch people’s interest and what to share that is of interest to others. I love blogging so much more than I thought I would and have discovered it’s different to what I thought. It’s much more than just being personal – it’s sharing something that you might not get in the mainstream media or add something to your life or your interests to make it of interest to others. It’s definitely finding the time to blog and also finding good, legal, images to go with my blog posts.


Winter cycling is almost upon us

Cool weather cycling requires a bit more coverage. Credit: Stig Nygaard under CC.

I love cycling in Autumn and Winter. It’s not hot like Summer so it’s more pleasant and, as long as it’s not raining, I love the cool, crisp mornings for getting out on the bike. Sure, it’s a little chilly but that’s just a good excuse to get on some riding clothes for the cooler weather. I love specialist clothing and this time of year is the perfect excuse to buy a new cycling shell or long pants.

My cool weather cycling uniform consists of a few layers. It goes like this: base layer of long sleeve white cotton top. I don’t usually go for a singlet as this can lead to overheating if cycling for longer than about 20 minutes. In Australia, on the Eastern Seaboard where I am it’s just not that cold so overheating can be a problem with winter/autumn riding.

Then I have a breathable shell jacket with removable arms if it’s on the warm side. This gives good protection from the cool wind when starting out but can be used for a bit of cool protection but also heat escape with the arms zipped out. Then I go for cycling undies with long-leg tights over the top that are cotton/spandex. They are not dedicated cycling or compression tights as I’m recreational riding and not racing riding so don’t need this extra speed factor.

Gloves are a must in winter as the fingers freeze on the handle bars but in autumn it’s okay to go without these. Always sunglasses whatever the season as I don’t like light or glare. I have a neat pair bought from the Velogear website that only cost about $A50 and have interchangeable lenses so in summer or high-glare I have reflective lense and in lower light and less glare I opt for a lense to cut out a bit of light but not darken the landscape too much.

This is about it and let’s me layer up and layer down depending on whether I stop on the riding and need a jacket when I cool down. I usually ride with my two boys in a trailer on the weekends so a stop at the park is obligatory so I usually through in a sunhat for the park, even in winter as the sun is still strong and bright in winter.

What do you like to wear for cool weather cycling?