Support for the Greenway

This is a letter to the NSW Premier and Transport Ministor in support of the Cooks River GreenWay. It’s a cycling, walking and green corridor proposed to run along with light rail line from Dulwich Hill to Leichhardt. It would open up more cycling options for this area and provide an important link for cycling commuting between Tempe and Leichhardt and beyond to get more people on bikes and off these congested roads. BUT the state government in all its wisdom has deferred it “indefinitely” because it cites cost and logistics. Yet there’s always money for more roads and more car parking.

To find out more about the GreenWay and how to help campaign go to the Friends of the GreenWay site. It also has an email to send your support.

Dear Premier and Minister, It is appalling that the NSW Government has cut funding of the GreenWay shared pathway and bushland regeneration project in the state budget.

I want to express my strong opposition to this reduction in the NSW Government’s commitment to active transport. The GreenWay is an essential, much wanted and anticipated community asset and is a foremost project in the strategic planning being done in NSW.

The GreenWay will have many advantages including: – Maximising the patronage of the light rail, linking it with regional cycling and walking routes – Providing a regional active transport corridor for the growing (and ageing) local population – Protecting bandicoots an endangered species living in the corridor, and establishing a bush corridor though a highly urbanised part of Sydney – Getting people out of their cars and into sustainable transport, making Sydney a more sustainable city – Providing an opportunity for children to walk or cycle safely to school, with 23 schools within the GreenWay catchment area.

The GreenWay is a once in a generation opportunity that we cannot afford to lose, supported throughout the community. Building the light rail extension alone means the GreenWay may never be built, and will be far more costly than building the original, integrated vision. I urge you to review your decision and reinstate the GreenWay and ensure all the work, both paid and volunteer, that has gone into the project so far over many years and the $1.8m NSW Environmental Trust Grant is not wasted.

So come on, what’s really stopping you supporting the GreenWay?