Do you ride with the two-fingered salute?

I signal when I’m riding my bike. No one wants to add unnecessary confusion when riding a bike where cars and traffic is concerned. I know I’ll come off second best in a bingle with anything bigger than another bike rider. If in doubt, ring, signal and/or nod so that you and other drivers know what to expect. But should you always signal?

Credit: Philippines Critical Mass Ride
The SMH’s resident cycling blogger @MichaelOReily ponders the question in his latest ‘On Your Bike’ blog post.

He rightly says that “As vulnerable road users, cyclists should always try to alert other vehicles of their intentions. But indicating while riding a bicycle is a lot more complicated than it is in a car, where the driver just has to flick a lever and then let the solenoid do its job.”

To signal or not to signal, that is the question he considers and he reckons that you’ve got to take into consideration a few points such as driver behaviour, injury risk, loss of braking and loss of control when weighing up whether to take your hands off the handlebars.

Do you signal? Is it a two-finger salute when someone’s come a bit too close, a friendly wave or a serious turning hand? I guess as bike riders we’ve got to use some or all of these signals depending on the circumstances, eh?