Why I blog

My first blog paleink.wordpress.com is a general one, so it contains posts on anything and everything. I’m a journalist and writer so I guess it’s slanted towards subject matter on publishing, technology the internet and writing. My aim is to tease out an idea or theme to shed some light on something about modern life. I guess I hope that others will be interested in posts on this subject mater.

My other blog is a cycling blog and it’s called spokesandthecity.wordpress.com. This blog is on a particular theme and when writing on Spokes and the City I think about what my posts in relation to cycling, bike riding, cycling gear, cycling infrastructure lobbying for cycling facilities and lots more, hopefully.

I started blogging at the beginning of 2012. I made a little start last year but didn’t get back to it until this year. I’d been thinking about it for a while and thinking about what I wanted to blog and why I wanted to blog. I didn’t really have answers for all these questions when I started but I decided it was better to just start and work it out as I go.

I see my blogs as a work in progress as I learn the best way to write to catch people’s interest and what to share that is of interest to others. I love blogging so much more than I thought I would and have discovered it’s different to what I thought. It’s much more than just being personal – it’s sharing something that you might not get in the mainstream media or add something to your life or your interests to make it of interest to others. It’s definitely finding the time to blog and also finding good, legal, images to go with my blog posts.

I have a day job and two small children so I struggle with finding a bit of time to blog. I often compose my blog posts in my head why I’m doing chores around the house so when I get to the computer I can type it out quickly. But then I need to find an image quickly too. I come from a magazine background, so I think it’s important to have a nice image with each post as this helps grab the reader. Ideally, I’d like to take some photos myself and have them on file so I can easily add them to my posts, but I haven’t quite got around to this. I’ll get this done, sometime.

Getting people to sign up for updates to my blog. I feel a real sense of responsibility for writing posts that are interesting and relevant to my readers so each time someone signs up, I think about ways to write and topics to write about that will engage them. I also feel really chuffed when I get comments on the site as someone has taken the time to write something about what I’ve written. I appreciate how busy most people are and just how much stuff is available on the internet to read and engage with, so if someone’s taken the time to write on my site, I feel really good about that.

My ideal audience are people interested in hearing about the life experiences of others who are willing to join the conversation. I’m guilty of this, and it’s mostly a time thing. But just passively reading something only goes so far – it doesn’t really tell the writer what you thought and if you see if differently. I like people who will give something back because they know it means a lot to the writer and adds to the discussion. I understand know that my ideal audience is other bloggers, not friends or family who hear from me all the time, as bloggers get that the best blogging is a two-way process of writing and contributing. You have a responsibility as a blogger to join the blogging community and engage with other blogs and create that reciprocity of sharing and commenting.


Will you share your thoughts on this?

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